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  • December 13, 2023

Ready, Set, Thunder: Maruti Jimny’s Bold New Adventure!

Maruti Suzuki's popular Jimny, cruising at an average of 3,000 units monthly, just got a makeover with an exciting price cut of Rs 2 lakh (ex-showroom). But wait, there's more! The company has also rolled out the all-new Jimny Thunder Edition, setting a starting price at Rs 10.74 lakh (ex-showroom). Maruti Suzuki is making this deal even sweeter by gifting early buyers a free deluxe package of accessories worth Rs 25,000!


1. Thunder Strikes the Dealerships: A Visual Feast of Stylish Upgrades!


The Jimny Thunder Edition has made its way to dealerships, bringing a splash of style and cool features. Let's take a peek at what this special edition offers:


  • Front Facelift:


The Jimny Thunder Edition jazzes up its front bumper and skid plate with some aesthetic and fancy add-ons. The bonnet now has special mountain decals. The kit also has a silver-garnished front fender,it’s like giving your car a little makeover!


  • Elegance in detail:


The Jimny Thunder Edition introduces refined exterior enhancements, ensuring a sophisticated appearance with functional upgrades:


  • Door Visors and Silver Garnishes:


Door visors provide a touch of elegance, complemented by silver garnishes on the Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) that give a touch of aesthetics.


  • Additional Door Cladding:


Extra door cladding not only enhances visual appeal but also features the 'Jimny' inscription, reinforcing the exclusivity of this edition.


  • Alpha Variant's Exclusive Features:


The top-tier Alpha variant is equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels, combining style with functionality. The special edition kit includes roof bars, contributing to the Thunder Edition's rugged and adventurous aesthetic.


  • Zeta Trim:


Opting for the Zeta trim provides a classic look with 15-inch steel wheels, maintaining a balance between simplicity and functionality. 


2. Powering Adventures


  • Engine Dynamics:


- Equipped with a robust 1.5-litre petrol engine generating 105 PS power and 134 Nm torque.

- Transmission options include a responsive 5-speed manual or a convenient 4-speed automatic.


  • Off-Road Dominance:


- Standard 4-wheel-drive (4WD) capability for superior off-road performance.


  • Unbeatable Value:


Jimny Thunder Edition presents a substantial price reduction, up to Rs 2 lakh. A limited-time offer, making it an opportune moment to seize the thrill. Currently priced between Rs 10.74 lakh and Rs 15.05 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Maruti Jimny’s direct competition with Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha. Act now to explore the enhanced Jimny Thunder Edition, combining power, style, and unbeatable value!


 A Thunderous Triumph in Every Drive


In the realm of compact SUVs, the Maruti Jimny Thunder Edition stands tall, commanding attention with its robust powertrain, unbeatable pricing, and off-road prowess. As you embark on your next adventure, consider the Thunder Edition not just as a vehicle, but as a partner in conquering terrains and turning heads. Act swiftly to claim the limited-time pricing advantage and witness thunderstorms on the roads. Buckle up and let the adventures unfold with the Maruti Jimny Thunder Edition!


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