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  • July 10, 2024

Keep Your Car Safe: Engine Immobilizers Explained

Have you ever thought what if your car gets stolen? Well, thanks to modern technology we now know a smart solution called the Engine Immobilizer or car immobilizer. 


It is an anti-theft system in your car’s engine unit, like a steering wheel lock, gear lock, or dash cam. This part of your vehicle helps it to stay safe and secure. So, let's talk about car engine immobilizers.


What does engine immobilizer mean?


  • Just in case a thief is trying to open your car but you have a car Engine immobilizer, they cannot! Why? Because what it does is that it is designed in such a way that it prevents unauthorized individuals from starting the engine. 


How do car engine immobilizers work?


  • So, treat a car engine immobilizer or an auto immobilizer like a digital lock but for the safety of your car’s engine. Imagine your car and your car’s key has a secret code! Some codes are stored in a small chip of your key that you use to unlock the car. 


  • When you insert the car key and try to turn the car on to start the engine, your car’s engine immobilizer checks whether or not the code matches. 


  • If the code does not match then your car engine will not turn on like it usually does with the key that is meant for it.  No matter what the other person is trying to do by using different tricks and hacks they won’t be able to start the engine. 


  • It is specifically designed in such a way that it prevents these malicious activities. Even if a thief is trying to break into the car using a different key, the car engine will not start until the right car key is not used. This genuinely makes stealing your car very hard! 


What are the benefits of having a Car engine immobilizer? 


  • There are numerous security benefits of an auto immobilizer, without the special key no one turns on your car’s engine. The feature is so effective that now many new cars come with it as a standard car feature! Which protects you against theft and offers you the peace of mind that you deserve with your beloved vehicle. 


  • Engine Immobilizer is a built-in security system that is working behind the scenes. This system ensures that only a person with the right car key can open the car.  

Do you know how to check if your car has an engine immobilizer? 


  • Key Type: if your car has a smart key or a key fob, it does probably has a car immobilizer. 


  • Ask an Expert: Go to a MyRaasta workshop where mechanics are certified and then can tell you easily if your car has one of these systems or not. 


  • Car’s Age: If your car is made after the year 1988 it is most likely to have a car immobilizer. 


How do car Engine immobilizers work with comprehensive technology? 


  • Car Alarm Integration - If someone tries to insert the wrong key, the car’s alarm system will get triggered and loud sounds and notifications will alert the vehicle owner and people nearby. 


  • GPS Tracking  - Only in some advanced setups, auto engine immobilizers are integrated with the GPS tracker of the car, if you enable this particular combination then if god forbid your car is stolen even if you have the immobilizer, you can still track your car which is stolen.  


  • Keyless Entry Systems - Nowadays, many cars that are being launched come up with engine immobilizers and as well as keyless entry systems. This system helps you to unlock the car without using a car key! Isn’t that cool? 


  • Remote control features - Thanks to today’s tech, now some immobilizers can controlled through key fobs or through certain mobile phone apps. This allows you to enable or disable your car’s engine immobilizer from literally anywhere. As fascinating as it sounds, it’s always important to use such features responsibly. 

These security integrations enhance the overall safety of your car, making it more difficult to be prone to crimes as these have layers of protection and increase your confidence in your car’s safety systems. 

Here is a list of Cars that come with Engine Immobilizers- Anti Theft Systems in India - 


Hyundai Creta

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Scorpio

Tata Nexon

Mahindra XUV 3XO

Toyota Fortuner

Maruti Breeza

Mahindra XUV 700

Maruti Ertiga

Toyota Innova Crysta

Maruti Fronx

Mahindra Bolero

Maruti Baleno

Land Rover Defender

Kia Sonet

MG Hector

Impact on Car’s Resale Value and Insurance Claims


1. Insurance benefits for cars that have car engine immobilizers -


  • Lower Premiums – there are many car insurance companies that offer discounts for cars that have auto engine immobilizers because it reduces theft. 


  • Better Coverage – some policies are provided by car insurance companies that provide additional terms or better terms for cars that are equipped with this car system. 


2. Resale value for cars that have car engine immobilizers – 


  • Market Appeal – if you’ve got this feature in your car then it makes the appeal of the car valuable and it is easier to sell because of its enhanced feature. 


  • Higher Value – engine immobilizer is such a strong and useful feature that attracts car buyers, which leads to higher value. 


Lastly, an engine immobilizer is a very important security feature for cars, it keeps your car safe from all the crimes! Investing in an auto engine immobilizer means better protection and safer rides.