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  • February 27, 2024

5 Common Tricks Authorized Car Services Use!

In the world of car servicing, wherein there are several options to get your car serviced, one age-old debate continues local garage or authorized service center.  Both options come with merits and de-merits, leaving car owners torn between convenience and reliability.

However, as we dig deeper into the nuances of car care and maintenance, it becomes obvious that the appeal of authorized service centers may beat the thought of getting your car serviced from local garages just by their offerings. Let’s explore the reasons why it might be time to bid farewell to authorized service stations and use alternative solutions for your car servicing needs!


· Price Tag Puzzles: Hidden costs in Authorized Car Service centers:


Lack of transparency, upselling car services, and inflated costs are genuine reasons to not consider authorized service centers for your beloved car! Most times, they often fail to disclose the actual price of a service, leaving customers surprised by unexpected expenses. By upselling gimmicks, customers are often pressured into getting unnecessary services and labor charges and parts at authorized car service centers are almost all the time on the higher side, contributing to hidden costs!


· Faceless Transactions: Feeling like a number in Authorized Car Service Centers:


Customers might feel disregarded in the impersonal environment of an authorized service center, and the needs of their cars are often left unfulfilled. Because of limited interaction, many service advisors are in a rush through their appointments leaving little time for customer interaction, to add on to this contacting these advisors can become a headache leading to frustrations and delays! 


· Beware Misdiagnosis by Authorized Service Centers:


From time to time, authorized service centers may occasionally misdiagnose issues in the car or even find unnecessary manufacturer’s problems that’ll lead to expensive repairs! Such exploitation of customers’ trust in their expertise can hamper their trust and also their precious car.   


·  Incomplete Repairs: The Toll of Delayed Repairs:


Authorized service centers may cause frustration and disappointment because of delayed and incomplete repairs. In big service centers your vehicle is one among hundreds that needs servicing. You don’t even have an idea which mechanic is working on your car, regardless of endless assurances of quality service, customers may find themselves being part of prolonged inconvenience.


·  Customer Care Crisis: Poor Customer Service at Authorized Centers:


Sometimes even at established authorized car service centers, Customers often encounter unhelpful staff and long unattended queues which causes frustration. Difficulty in answering customer-related queries further worsens the experience of getting your car fixed by an authorized car service center.


At Myraasta Car Services, we understand the frustration and disappointment that car owners may face when it comes to getting their car serviced at an authorized car service center, That's why we are here! We take pride in offering a transparent and customer-centric approach to car care like never before. Unlike authorized car service centers that may leave you feeling like just another number, our team is dedicated to providing you with solutions to all your car worries, we will give you and your car prompt attention, and efficient service. With pocket-friendly pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that you're never blindsided by hidden costs or unnecessary upselling tactics. Experience top-notch and hassle-free car service with Myraasta, where your car's well-being is our top priority!