Why Is White The Most Preferred Car Color In India?

Car sales have been on a rise after the pandemic. When we thought about the current sales, we wondered which colour is best for a car in India. After much deliberation, we narrowed it down to a white colour car. But, why is it white car? According to surveys, white automobiles account for more than 40% of all vehicles on the road worldwide. Now, after donning our thinking caps, here's what we came up with as a possible explanation for why people prefer white cars in India.

1. Purchases Are Less Expensive
White is normally found towards the bottom of the price list, with the exception of Honda. When it comes to white paint, the price is on the lower end. Customers, on the other hand, are usually looking to save as much money as possible. So, why not give a shot to white cars?

2. Easy Maintenance
The lightest color available for a vehicle is white. Furthermore, it is a well-known truth that dents and tiny scratches are not noticeable in light colors, such as white. Outcome? Car paint requires less maintenance and attention and makes it one of the best colours for cars in India.

3. Is it Dust-free?
No, not in the literal sense! Have you ever seen a dark-coloured automobile with some dust on it? It certainly appears to be more than it is. This is why the most popular car colour in India is white. An automobile with a white paint job will have no or very little apparent dust on it. Unless the car has been kept idle for weeks.

4. A Little Science
The summers in north India are particularly harsh on the interiors of automobiles. The interior of a vehicle becomes quite heated in hot weather due to the sun. What if we said it could be cut in half? Yes! Darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors, and white is the lightest of them all, making it the best colour for a car. It keeps the interior of your vehicle relatively cooler and makes your rides a little easier.

5. A Resale Value That is Worth it
People typically choose white for their cars for the reasons stated above. All of this adds up to a high resale value for the vehicle. If you intend to sell the car within a short period of time, white may be the best option.