What Does Car Detailing Include?

Keeping your car shiny and new on the roads of a crowded and busy city like Delhi NCR can sometimes feel like an uphill task. There is bound to be some dirt and some scratches, and sometimes that chhole bhature does spill on the seat! So how can you keep your much-loved car in pristine condition?
Well, a car wash is an obvious step- a quick wash can get rid of superficial dirt and garbage easily. But if you really want to restore your car to showroom condition, car detailing is what you need. What is car detailing, and what does it entail? Read on to find out.

1. What is Car Detailing?
Car detailing is essentially a very in-depth cleaning, polishing, and light cosmetic work done on your car. It is much more detailed than basic car washing, both for the interior and the exterior of the car. Detailing entails Exterior Car Detailing as well as Interior Car Detailing.

2. Exterior Car Detailing
Exterior car detailing includes a thorough hand cleaning of the car, leaving no nook untouched. Then the body is waxed and polished by hand as well as with machines.
The headlights, taillights, front grill, and other vertical surfaces are cleaned with methods such as steam cleaners and similar non-abrasive methods to get in between difficult-to-reach areas. Scratches from the body are removed as much as possible.

3. Interior Car Detailing
The detailers clean the entire interiors of the car, including all seating, floor mats, console, and dash areas. Excessive dust is removed from door jambs and the dashboard. Then the dashboard and other surfaces are polished and scratches (wherever seen) are removed.

4. Undercarriage Detailing
Some detailing packages include thorough cleaning of the dirtiest area of the car- the undercarriage. As the undercarriage is constantly bombarded with gravel and mud, it is smart to have it cleaned once in a while.
As we see, car detailing services can have two or three parts. Be sure to ask your auto detailer what is included in the detailing service. There is a lot more involved in an auto detail than just getting your car cleaned.
There are many different processes, chemicals, and tools that are used to get your car looking brand-new again.
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