Tips to Extend The Life of Your Car

It's unlikely that maintenance and servicing would be the first things on your mind once you've purchased your dream car and drove it off the dealer's lot because most people cannot seem to figure out how to maintain a car in good condition. However, there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible. Here are some car care tips to assist you on how to maintain a car and keep that new car feeling for as long as possible.

1. Clean it on a Regular Basis
If you've recently purchased a new automobile, you'll probably want to keep the bodywork shining, but don't let your initial excitement wear off. Road salt, sludge, and pollution may all pile up over time, causing rust to form in just a few years, so wash your car as often as possible to extend the car life. Regular maintenance of the vehicle results in longer life of the car. One pro tip for car maintenance would be to put down all-weather vehicle mats in the footwell to keep mud and other grime out.

2. Engine Oil Should Be Replaced
Engine oil is the same to your car's engine as blood is to your heart. The lack of the proper grade and quality engine oil causes severe friction in the engine components. Check the engine oil level every few thousand kilometers and replace it with the proper grade oil at the appropriate intervals. Often ignored, this is one of the best car maintenance tips.

3. Ensure That The Car's Tyres Are Properly Inflated
Tyres that are properly inflated make your automobile easier to drive and can help you save money on gas. Check the tyre information plate, which is normally mounted to your glove box, door sill, fuel filler cap, or under the hood, to see what is the correct pressure for your car.

4. Stay Away From Rash Driving
Driving erratically leads to increased wear and tear in all areas of your vehicle. It also raises the risk of a collision, endangering the lives of not just the driver but also other road users. Rash driving is not only unlawful, but it can also be detrimental to the life of a car.

5. Switch Up Your Filters
Filters keep dirt and debris out of your engine. Air filters remove dirt and dust, whereas oil and fuel filters collect abrasive particles. Your owner's instruction manual should tell you when to replace your filters, although there isn't always a defined plan.