Hindustan Motors: The forgotten Indian Ambassador

Hindustan Motors Limited (HM), incorporated in 1942, was an Indian automobile manufacturer based in Uttarpara, West Bengal, India. During the 1960s, Hindustan Motors was the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India.

Time passed by, but HMs much loved car, the Hindustan Ambassador never got out of public memory. Most people who have driven this car still remember it as one of the most comfortable cars ever made. Perhaps most famous for its chubby bodywork and three-in-a-row headlights, the Ambassador, was also produced for military use during World War II and is still used by the Indian army today.

Hindustan Motors, the parent company of the Ambassador car, was once a flourishing automobile company in India. Back in the early twentieth century, it was known for producing stylish vehicles that were popular among consumers in the British colonies of East Africa. The company's fortunes changed in 1954 when it signed a licensing agreement with England-based manufacturer Morris Motors to assemble Morris cars under the Hindustan nameplate.

The Ambassador is one of the most iconic cars of all time. It was produced by Hindustan Motors from 1958 until 2014. The Ambassador is based on the Morris Oxford Series III and Morris Minor 1000 and over 3 million units were sold in nearly 60 years of its production run.

Hindustan Motors, a name that not only signifies the production of some of the finest vehicles in India but also denotes the elegance and care that went into making them. The Hindustan Ambassador was the most loved car in India before Maruti Suzuki, Ford and Toyota cars.

Before we conclude, here is a list of vehicles manufactured by Hindustan Motors. We are sure that nostalgia will hit you once you search the images for these. So do give it a try…… for old times' sake.

Passenger vehicles manufactured by Hindustan Motors

  • Hindustan 10
  • Hindustan 122 and Hindustan 14
  • Baby Hindustan
  • Hindustan Deluxe
  • Hindustan Landmaster
  • Hindustan Ambassador
  • Hindustan Contessa
  • Pushpak, Trekker and Porter