How To Remove Fog From Car Glass

When air from different temperatures interacts, fog forms on your windshield. This implies that in summer, fog is formed when hot air from outside collides with your cool windshield. When the heated air in your car collides with the cold glass on your windshield, winter fog forms. Understanding how fog forms can assist you in removing it, depending on the season. You can also take preventive measures to keep your windshield from fogging up, which can save you time. Listed below are some methods on how to remove fog from car glass.

1. Removal of fog in Hot Weather from your windshield

  1. In summer, if you have foggy windows, turn down the air conditioner. This will warm up your car and bring the indoor air temperature closer to that of the outside.
  2. You can also open your windows slightly to let in more fresh air.
  3. You can use your windshield wipers in case the fog is on the outside of your windshield to clear it away. Simply set them to the lowest setting and leave them running until the fog has cleared.

2. Removal of fog in Cold Weather from your windshield

  1. Change the source of your air. Most cars include controls that allow you to recirculate the air within the vehicle or suck air in from the outside. If your windshield fogs up, adjust the setting so that air is drawn in from the outside. Look for the button with a small car inside it and an arrow pointing inside. Tap this to turn on the light above it.
  2. Alternatively, reduce the temperature in your vehicle. Fog is produced by temperature differences, therefore getting the temperature inside your car to match the temperature outside will lessen the fog. Increase the speed of your car fans and also, reduce the air temperature to the lowest setting you can tolerate. This is the quickest way, but it's also the coldest, so expect to shiver a little.
  3. You could also turn on the defrost vent. The defogger in the car will blow cool air directly at your windshield, allowing it to match the temperature outside. This may assist in removing the fog from your windshield.