How Does A Car AC Work?

Most of us enjoy the cool wind blowing from the car vents, especially when we're trying to stay cool in a hot and humid environment. When the car AC is turned on and emits cold and pleasant air, the entire journey becomes easier and more enjoyable.

The chilly air we get from the automotive air conditioning system is actually generated from hot air. To convert heated air into the cool and fresh air, it must travel through several processes. In this blog, we'll go through the overall process of how air conditioning works in a car.

How Does A Car AC Work?

The air conditioning system in cars works by converting refrigerant from a liquid to a gaseous form. The refrigerant absorbs heat and humidity from the car when it changes states, allowing the system to produce cold, dry air.

The air-conditioning system uses pressure and temperature management to transform the refrigerant from a liquid to a gaseous state.

Common Car Air Conditioning Systems
Orifice Tube and Accumulator System

The orifice tube is installed before the evaporator, and the accumulator is installed before the compressor in the Orifice Tube and Accumulator system. Before entering the evaporator, the Orifice Tube controls the refrigerant flow and the low-pressure mist.

The accumulator, on the other hand, retains the refrigerant and eliminates moisture from it to prevent harm.

Receiver-Drier System and Expansion Valve

An expansion valve is installed before the evaporator core, and a receiver-drier is installed between the condenser and the in-line filter kit in the Expansion valve and receiver-drier system.

The moisture is absorbed by the desiccant in this setup. It functions just like an accumulator. The only difference is that it works on the high-pressure end instead of the low-pressure end.

Why Should You Have Your Car's Air Conditioning System Recharged?

If you switch on the air conditioning in the car and it does not achieve a comfortable temperature, the Freon level is low. Because it is a closed unit, low Freon indicates that something is wrong.

There could be a little leak or any part of the air conditioner could be broken. You can have it examined at any car repair service workshop center such as My Raasta, where the highly trained mechanics will diagnose and resolve the issue. Just download the My Raasta app and book a service at your convenient time.