Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Coating

A shiny new car is more than just a mode of transportation used for traveling to different places. It is the love and pride of its owner. However, once the car has been in use for a couple of years, it starts losing the shine and also picks up slight smudges.
The car then needs constant rubbing and polishing to keep it looking good, and all this becomes a little bit of a hassle. However, there are ways to protect the car’s original paint while also enhancing the look.
Two of these major methods are Paint Protection Films (PPF) and Ceramic Coating. In this article, we talk about what Ceramic coating is and how it helps to keep the car looking brand new.

1. What is Ceramic Coating?
Ceramic coating is a chemical solution that protects a vehicle’s paint when applied as a coat. It creates a layer that provides protection to the paint from water as well by blending with it. It is almost a magic solution to your exterior issues.

2. Benefits of Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coating is a versatile and long-term solution for a number of problems generally faced by car owners.
a. Protection From Harmful UV Rays
For anyone who parks their car outside in the sun, oxidation and fading of the paint due to the sun is a big issue. By applying ceramic coating, one can duly protect the car from losing its shine.
b. Protects From Chemicals
High air pollution, as well as hard water, is a common issue faced all over the country. The stains caused by these undesirable chemicals can last a long time, spoiling the look of your car with yellowish blotches. The ceramic coating protects the car from these spots and makes your car look shiny and new for a lifetime.
c. Easy To Wash And Clean
Unlike waxing, you don’t have to worry about the ceramic coating coming off after a wash. Being a hydrophobic polymer, the coat doesn't get removed with a sop or water wash- there is a process that is required to get it out.
Similarly, being hydrophobic means any mud or splashes can be cleaned very easily with a simple wet cloth.
d. Aesthetically Pleasing Probably the biggest advantage of getting your car ceramic coated is the beautiful, glossy look it gives to the vehicle. The unique polymer of ceramic coating gives a visible depth and shine to the original paint, making your car very pleasing to the eye.

3. Is Ceramic coating worth it?
In a word, yes. While the ceramic coating is slightly more expensive than waxing sessions, the yearly cost of cleaning and waxing is much higher than ceramic coating, which is a one-time expense. Additionally, the aesthetic brilliance of a ceramic-coated paint job on a vehicle is unmatched.
So, is ceramic coating good for cars? Absolutely. As we discussed above, ceramic coating is a one-stop solution for many paint-related problems of vehicles, and in fact, makes the stock paint job look better than before.
In the long term, it also saves up on cleaning and waxing costs. Thus, ceramic coating is a good investment for your car and one that should definitely be on your list.