Different Types of Car Scratches And How to Fix Them

Car scratches are a fact of life in a crowded city like Delhi NCR, but that doesn't make them any easier to look at. After all, this is the precious car you are talking about! The next thing to do, then, is to find ways to get rid of car scratches. We take a look at some types of car scratches and the ways to get rid of them. Before we take a look at some types of car scratches and the ways to get rid of them, it is important to understand the layers of coating in a car.

Car Coating Layers

There are basically 3 layers of coating in a car:

1. Primer Coat - The bottom layer of the car, attached to the body.

2. Color Coat - The middle layer, flanked by the primer and clear coats.

3. Clear Coat - This is the top layer of coating on the car.

Types of Scratches

Depending on the layer that the scratch has penetrated, scratches are of four different types:

1. Clear Coat Scratches: These scratches only scratch the top clear coat of the car, and are usually light in nature. They can happen very often- even actions such as wiping your car can cause these to happen.

2. Paint Transfer Scratches: These occur when your car comes into an impact contact with another vehicle, thus creating friction between the two. This leads to the color coat layer of the two bodies coming in contact with each other and leaving parts of themselves on the other.

3. Deep Scratches: When a scratch penetrates the top layers completely and reaches the primer/ color layer, it becomes a deep scratch. Deep scratches often occur as a result of penetrative impacts caused by accidents. These are notoriously difficult to remove.

4. Plastic/Interior scratches: When the plastic parts of the car such as the fender or the rearview mirrors or the interiors get scuffed, they are categorized as plastic scratches.

How to Fix Scratches on The Car?

1. Clear Coat Scratches or Light Scratches can be removed by simply buffing, polishing, or using scratch remover for the car.

2. Deep scratches on the other hand require sanding and other complex processes to remove. Being difficult and requiring fine-tuned eyes, these are tasks better handled by professionals with experience.

As we see, there are a few different kinds of car scratches, depending on the layer of coating they have penetrated. While some of these are simple to get rid of, some others require hard work and experience, and in some cases, complex tools. Hence often, going to a reliable workshop works best for getting rid of scratches.