Choosing the right engine oil for your car

You've probably heard it a million times.

"Change your engine oil regularly, and you'll extend the life of your car."

But what makes one type of oil better than another? The cost is often the most important factor, but what else should you consider when buying new car engine oil?

Here we provide some pointers to address these doubts and help you decide which engine oil is suitable for your car.

Conventional engine oil vs Synthetic engine oil

There are two types of engine oils: conventional and synthetic. Conventional engine oils are usually cheaper than synthetic, and they do the job just fine, but synthetic engine oils have certain benefits that make them worth the extra money. Another factor to consider is the viscosity rating. Conventional oils are better for cars with older engines because they're designed for use in older cars. However, synthetic oil is better for newer engines because it has more stable viscosity and better heat resistance.

How to determine the right oil for your car

If you want to change the oil in your car, you'll need to know the grade of oil that your vehicle requires. The grade of oil that your car requires depends on the type of engine that your car has. You should check your car owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended grade and viscosity.

The importance of using the right amount of oil

Using the right amount of engine oil is crucial to your engine's health. Using too much or too little engine oil can lead to severe issues as it could lead to the engine seizing up. So, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Check the car's manual to see how much oil you need. With the help of the dipstick, you can also check the oil level regularly.

One of the important things about choosing engine oil is to make sure it isn't too thin or too thick. If it's too thin, it will leak past the seals in the engine and cause severe damage.

Instead of taking wild guesses, it's better to hire an expert to choose the right engine oil for your car. This is primarily because they have the training and the expertise in dealing with multi-branded vehicles. Our pick would be a PAN India operating car service aggregator, like Raasta, who can help you clear your doubts when it comes to choosing the right engine oil for your car.