Car Detailing vs Car Wash: What Is The Difference?

We have grown to love our cars the same way we love our homes. They have permeated into our day-to-day lives as a member of our families. This is why, every time our car gets scratched, dirty, or muddy, we want to get it cleaned and fixed as quickly as possible. At times, it is possible to clean the exterior and interior of the car by yourself at home.
But sometimes, self-sufficiency just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, you need to go for a car wash, or car detailing services. What exactly are these services, and what is the difference between the two? We find out.

1. What is a Car Wash?
A car wash is a process where the exterior and interior of your car is cleaned, dried dirt and mud are removed. This is generally done at a car wash station, where water and a cleaning agent is sprayed at high pressures at your car.
The car is then dried off by using rotating wipes and finished up with a polish. Similarly, the interior of your car is dry cleaned and the mats are cleaned and restored.

2. What is Car Detailing?
Like a car wash, car detailing is also a process of cleaning your car. However, it is much more thorough and involves deep cleansing.
In addition to the cleaning, detailing also focuses on light restoration and cosmetic work, such as removing scratches, and high-quality polishing. This way, detailing makes your car look as close to brand new as possible.

3. Car Detailing Vs Car Wash
As we said above, car detail services are essentially an in-detail (hence the name) version of a car wash. A car wash is quicker than a detailing session. This is because, of course, detailing is much more thorough and in-depth.
A car wash is also cheaper, as it requires less time, techniques, and machines to wash. Car detailing (or automotive detailing), on the other hand, is slightly more expensive (though it is still value for money due to the end result) and takes longer.
It also requires specialist detailers that go through every nook and corner of the car to find and wipe out any problems.

4. Which One Should I Get?
Well, that depends entirely on the situation. If you are looking for quick, nice cleaning of your much-loved car, then a simple car wash is a solid and reliable option. It is also much cheaper by comparison.
If, however, you want to thoroughly clean and polish the exterior and interiors of your car to the point that it looks brand new, detailing is what you should go for. It is a good rule of thumb to go for a wash whenever needed, and detailing every one or two years.
So, there we are. We have explored above the similarities, differences, and uses of both car washes and car detailing services.
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