6 Car Dashboard Symbols You Should Know

Have you ever noticed how many symbols light up in the dashboard of your car when you turn it on? All of these warning lights on your car's dashboard signal something about what's wrong with it. The car dashboard warning lights are the means through which your car communicates with you about potential problems, leaks, and other issues. Continue reading to learn more about car dashboard symbols and meanings.

1. Engine Warning Light

Of all the car warning signs, this is the most important. This light informs you about your car's soul, which is the engine. When you turn on the ignition, this yellow light should illuminate, but it should turn off as soon as the engine begins. If this light continues to glow, you should have your engine checked right away to avoid any failure.

2. Engine Temperature Warning Light

If this indicator appears on your dashboard, it means your engine has overheated. This is almost certainly related to your coolant (also known as antifreeze), but it can occur for a variety of reasons. To avoid more damage, it's critical to solve it right away.

3. Oil Pressure Warning Light

This is the one that indicates a possible leak. This light informs the driver of the engine oil pressure. If this light continues to glow, check your car's engine oil level. If topping it up doesn't help, contact a mechanic for assistance.

4. Traction Control Light

This shows that the traction control system in your car is turned on. Your anti-lock brake system is used by the traction control system to identify if one wheel is spinning faster than the other. If it detects a slipping wheel, it applies the brakes until the wheel regains traction. This is especially useful when driving in the rain or snow.

5. Battery Charging Warning Light

This light informs you about the condition of your car's battery. If this light continues to glow, your vehicle's battery system may be malfunctioning. In this case, the battery will not be charged enough to run the self-start. As soon as you observe this warning light, have your battery and alternator tested.

6. Low Fuel Indicator

This is one of the well-known car indicator symbols. Simply said, it indicates you're out of or running low on gas. It's not a smart idea to check if you can make it home. You never know what the weather or traffic patterns will be like, so make sure to fill up at the next gas station!