5 Safety Tips For Driving At Night

Driving late at night can be a nightmare at times. If you're in India, you can run into situations where street lights aren't working or where people in the opposite lane are flashing high beams, blinding you. You can't really be blamed for incidents like this, but you can be a cautious driver to keep yourself safe. Listed below are a few night driving tips that will ensure that your night rides are safe as well as enjoyable.

1. Cross-check your lights

Check and double-check all of the car's lights to ensure that they are in working order. Headlights, brake lights, indicators, fog lights, and other lights should not be fused or dusty, as this will reduce the driver's vision.

2. Make the decision to drive defensively

Your driving style is the most crucial of all the night driving tips. At night, the best strategy is to drive defensively. Don't rush, don't overtake frequently, and stick to the speed restrictions. You should not get behind the wheel if you are intoxicated at any moment.

3. Keep an eye out for vehicles with blown-out headlights

Vehicles on the road whose owners are irresponsible can be a potential threat. They can be bicycles, motorcycles, cars, or even trucks! While taking a night ride in a car you may have witnessed circumstances where only one headlight on a car is operational. This can be a serious danger, especially on two-lane roads. To minimize such dangers, the greatest tip is to drive slowly and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

4. Maintain a Clean Windshield

Another crucial point to keep in mind while driving at night is to clean the windshield and windows to have a good view of the road ahead. Similarly, you should clean your ORVMs properly so that you can see the vehicles behind you clearly. Dirty mirrors can cause glare in your eyes by deflecting light rays in a wider, more diffused pattern.

5. Learn how to use the flash dipper

It's critical that you understand the value of flashing a dipper in addition to using the horn. We've grown accustomed to hearing honking and tend to disregard it. It's also crucial to be extra cautious because you can be surrounded by drunk drivers. Yes, don't blind oncoming drivers by flashing your headlights all the time; instead, use your dipper only when overtaking, turning, or crossing.