5 Essential Car Accessories That You Actually Need

For most of us, cars are more than just a mode of transportation. Sometimes, they become our one and only long drive partner, and at other times, they become an accessory through which we express our fashion style. With cars gaining such an important place in our lives, we ought to make the drives more comfortable and convenient; for which, automobile accessories play an important role. Now that the market is flooded with low-cost, seemingly useful automotive additions, which one should you buy? Listed below are some of the must have car accessories that you should not drive without.

1. Mobile Phone Holder

The first thing that comes in the car accessories list is a mobile phone holder. Though we don't encourage using or even looking at your phone while driving. However, if you must, do it with the help of a mobile holder. These include suction-cup ones that can be mounted on the windscreen, magnetic ones that can be installed in the air-conditioning vents, and even ones with an anti-slip mat that can be maintained on the dashboard.

2. Seat Covers and Floor Mats

One of the most basic accessories in the list of car accessories is seat covers and floor mats. Nowadays, many cars come with seat covers and floor mats as standard equipment or as optional additions sold by dealers. However, most of the time, these accessories are unlikely to meet your expectations. You don't want to ruin your car's factory seat coverings & car floor because they'll help you resell it for a good price.

3. Air Freshener

Taking care of a car can be tiring sometimes. It takes a lot of effort to keep it mechanically sound and clean from the inside out. However, no matter how clean the inside of your car is, you would not want to sit in a place that stinks. Invest in a good air freshener to make you feel good when you get in your car. This is one of the essential car accessories.

4. Sensors and cameras for parking

With parking places becoming increasingly scarce, it is becoming an even greater problem for everyone to park their automobiles in parking lots safely. Parking sensors and cameras have saved people from a lot of trouble, not to mention car collisions and repair expenditures.

5. A tyre inflator that is portable

While driving, it is possible that your car's tyre gets punctured. In such a case, a portable tyre inflator becomes your only rescue. In roughly 10-15 minutes, a decent inflator can refill a completely flat tyre.